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By Clara Fiorentini

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Feeling free to fidget!

Every classroom has children who fidget, and should that be such a bad thing?

Since forever, it has been the norm to prevent and discourage children from fidgeting and I would say 99% of us as teachers have corrected a child from fidgeting at some point! But it is worth considering our reactions to fidgeting when in fact studies have proven that some children actually concentrate better when allowed to fidget, particularly those with ADHD? If this is a comfort for certain children then I believe they should be allowed to do so in a calming way, resulting in minimal distraction for themselves and those around them.

In my classroom I like to have a selection of sensory objects that are perfect for fidgety fingers and bodies. I give them to certain children during seatwork, whole class instruction and assemblies. I find they work wonders and the difference in concentration of certain children is incredible!

We have a supply of sensory items in class, such as:

Koosh Balls Image result for koosh balls

Bendy Men Bendy Man Toy

Bug Massagers big bug massager,animal massager,animal bug massager,special needs massager,special needs bug massager,special needs ladybird massager,special needs toys

Bitty Bottom Cushions Image result for bitty bottom cushion

Yuk E Balls Image result for yuck e balls

These are all so reasonably priced too, check out for more ideas! I worked alongside a fabulous SNA last year who suggested purchasing some items from's catalogue, they have a fantastic range of materials... from stress balls, weighted cushions to swings! 

Personally I think even a small selection of fidget items are an extremely worthwhile investment for the school!

What are your opinions on fidgeting? I'd love to know how you all feel and how you all react to fidgeting during your teaching!


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