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By Clara Fiorentini

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hello all ! 

Firstly, apologies for disappearing off the face of the earth for the past while, I haven't lost the buzz for blogging, I just had a hectic few weeks of family life and wedding planning but its all good, I'm back and most importantly I have made time!!! I also bought a notebook last month when I hadn't time blog and scribbled down all the little ideas that were whirring through my my little teacher head, why is it that even when on holidays we can't switch off? I mean, I was shopping for decor for my wedding and I was getting sidetracked looking at things that would be good for my classroom!!

I can't believe we're into August already, and yes once again I haven't started my CPD courses until now! However, I know I say every year, "I must do a face-to-face course next year" but what do you know, I signed up for 3 online courses this morning. *hangs head in shame* But to be honest it's kind of hard to pass up on , I've used their courses for the past few summers, and they have an amazing deal, get two courses for the price of three....and that also adds up to not three, not four, but FIVE course days....those will come in seriously handy for me come wedding season (21 weeks, but who's counting?!)  

So my courses are Jolly Music, The Eye of the Artist and Getting Active with PE - three random choices but lets face it we can never have enough ideas! I'll review them when I'm finalllllly finished them!

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Over & Out!

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