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By Clara Fiorentini

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Spring has sprung......well almost!

This week I tore all signs of Winter from my classroom walls. It might not look like Spring outside the classroom window, but inside the room we are ready and rearing to welcome Spring, whether our climate cooperates or not!

This week in Junior Infants we were learning about lambs.
 The traditional nursery rhymes can be used to death sometimes - as lovely as Mary's lamb and Baa Baa Black Sheep are I like to try and bring in some alternative rhymes to enhance topic teaching - and for my own sanity!
These are two alternative rhymes that I love:

"Oh I wish I was a Wooly Lamb" (Sung to the tune of 'If you're happy and you know it')
Oh I wish I was a wooly, little lamb,
Oh I wish I was a wooly, little lamb,
I would run, and jump and play,
In the fields every day,
Oh I wish I was a wooly, little lamb.

5 Little Lambs
One little wooly lamb with coat so new,
Along comes another lamb, and that makes two.
Two little wooly lambs, roaming so free,
Along comes another lamb, and that makes three.
Three little wooly lambs, by the barn door,
Along comes another lamb, and that makes four.
Four little wooly lambs, having so much fun,
Together now, lets count them, one by one!

*I have some work sheets for labeling the parts of a lamb and a pencil control exercise (Junior Infants), if you would like a copy drop a mail to!*

As always, Sparklebox has fabulous FREE display resources, we recently got a colour printer, so I thouroughly enjoyed printing these lovely spring posters.
I'm going to use them for some nice "I can see..." independent writing activities next week.

If you're a fiend for displays like myself, it's always nice to have a fresh display for a fresh theme. Unless you're a teacher or working in a classroom, you'll never know that feeling a successful art activity brings! Today my class had great fun making sheep with bubble wrap. It took a lot of concentration, but all agreed it was worth it - I never saw such determination with a cutting exercise.

Painting the bubble wrap.
Busy cutting.

A finished product!

That's just a little taster of this week's work. Plenty more spring content to come next week!

If you're on mid-term, have a great break!


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