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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Hello April!!

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter break if you're still off!

It's very hard to believe that April is almost upon us! I say it every year but this has to be the fastest year yet!!
April brings with many dates that allow for lots of learning. Here are a few that I always like to incorporate into teaching when I can, for the month of April.

  • April 2nd - Hans Christian Andersen's birthday. Why not tell some of his lovely stories?
  • April 6th 1898 - The North Pole was discovered!
  • April 15th 1912 - Sinking of the Titanic
  • April 15th - Leonardo Da Vinci Day! Remember this fabulous historical character through Art, History or even Science! Below is a link to some nice info if you're interested in learning about Leonardo yourself.
  • April 22nd - Earth Day.
  • April 23rd - World Penguin Day - any opportunity is a good opportunity for learning about Penguins!! (Slightly obsessed!!)
  • April 25th 1990 - Hubble Telescope was launched.

 The anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic always provides lots of teaching and learning opportunities despite being quite a tragic topic.....especially at the senior end of the school. For example, here's an integrated flow chart I drew up with some ideas that I would use:

I've uploaded a resource pack on the theme of the Titanic on can find it here !

Scoil Net have some nice links to informative sites about the Titanic too.

As per usual, if you've any questions, just drop me an email at or PM on facebook!

Over & out,


Saturday, 19 March 2016

Rhymes and Songs - Clothes!

Are you doing a theme about clothes for Teaching Practice? Or like myself, are you forever looking to add to your collection of resources?

For tonight and tomorrow I have a PDF with 14 nice rhymes and songs for use with the Infant classes on offer for free! Just comment below or PM on Facebook with your email address and I'll send you on a copy!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend! 
All this Premier League and Rugby is keeping the hubby nicely entertained... so I've lots of time to blog away in peace!! 

Ciao for now,


Friday, 18 March 2016

Incoming!! School Tour Season!

I know it seems like only yesterday since Christmas but Easter is upon us and before we know it, it'll be time to get a school tour sorted!

I know a lot of people like going on a tour that takes the kids off your hands for the day but the teacher geek in me likes organising a tour that they're actually going to learn something from!

Here are a few of my suggestions for the Leinster area:
Image from
I took 5th and 6th class on a tour of the Jeanie Johnston two years ago! It's short and sweet but good! Informative and ties in well if you've been learning about the famine or reading some of Marita Conlon McKenna's books! Prices start from 5euro per child.
Image from
Staying on the quays, you can take a Liffey Tour in conjunction with the Jeanie Johnston. We took this after our Jeanie Johnston tour actually. The kid's loved it, because we went under all the bridges from the Ha'penny right down to the Three Arena. It's quite informative too in terms of learning about the history of the buildings all along the route. An added bonus is the odd seal swimming alongside!
Image from
Lullymore Heritage Park has so many things in one place! A location that will last all day you can visit the 1798 John Doorly House and Forge, a famine mudwall cottage, a stone age settlement, an early Christian exhibition, a fairy village and much more! Along with the historical side you can visit the Pet Farm, indoor and outdoor play areas and a variety of walks! With so much at one spot, you can plan a particular trip to suit your class.
image from
For the GAA lovers a trip to Croke Park's Musuem is well worth it! Especially if you add in the Ethiad Skyline Tour.
On a clear day, there's no better way to see Dublin from all angles! Informative, educational, with excellent tour guides! 
Image from
Wicklow Gaol is a great day out!  Let your class be transported back in time for an interactive learning experience ensuring fun and facts for all and a journey through two centuries of Irish history. Very reasonable too with prices starting from 5 euro per child!
Image from
Bring your class to The Ark, Templebar, for something different! A day of arts, crafts and culture gives a different spin to the traditional school tour. The Ark always has a variety of themes available from month to month. Well worth checking out. Very reasonable with early bird prices starting from as little as 4.50! The Ark and The Book of Kells or St. Patrick's Cathedral. See. for more!
Image from
Sea Life speaks for itself. A lovely maritime experience in beautiful Bray! An interesting informative trip for all classes! Group rates available.
*Also, following a trip to Sea Life, our school recently had an aquarium on loan from Bray - 5th class had to look after some fish for a few weeks! Great fun! 
Image from
I'm a bit of a history nut so I can't recommend Glasnevin Museum enough! There's so much on offer here such as a 1916 tour, a World War 1 handling tour, Pearse Rossa Speechmaking Workshops AND the option of double trip - a pass to Glasnevin Cemetary and the National Museaum of Ireland Collin's Barracks (my personal favourite). 
Image from
This is something different altogether! Bring your class on an Eco Adventure. With options of pony trekking, mountain biking, archery, orienteering, survival training and team building tasks combined with the option of field studies too. Located in some of the most beautiful parts of the country  in Donegal, Dublin, Wicklow, Galway and Kerry you can even stay over for the hostel experience. With so many packages to chose from you can pick the perfect trip to suit your class.

I'll post some more alternative suggestions over the next few weeks!


Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Hello Easter Holidays!!

Where did that term go???

Tomorrow is a half day for most of us, though sometimes they can be more manic than the average day....especially when fueled by chocolate and sweets!

If  you fancy keeping your little ones occupied tomorrow, here are a few nice ideas that you can send them home with!

I love these bunny ears...we're making these at our Junk Station in Aistear tomorrow!

Cute Easter the legs!

Make the most of all those wine corks you have left over!

Crépe paper chicks & eggs!

We did these for Grandparent's Day but nice for Easter too!

Egg Mosaics....simple but effective!

These are great for any class! Because it's only a thumb-print you only need a tiny bit of paint....minimal drying time!

Rainbow Mosaics!

Thumb-print shamrock and a cute, little message!

Also check out where I've uploaded some colouring and tracing activities and wordsearches for use with the kids tomorrow!

Hold tight y'all only a few hours to go!!!


Monday, 14 March 2016

1916 Commemorations.

It's been all systems go in our school over the past week....we've all been preparing for the 1916 centenary celebrations. I haven't had a minute to breathe let alone blog as I'm co-ordinating the day! It was nice to step back today and admire all the hard work! Normal blogging will resume once it's all out of the way tomorrow!! #wrecked
Junior Infants were busy sorting all things old & new!

3rd Class were learning about Countess Markievicz!

6th class were learning about the history of the Irish flag.

This might be my favourite...every child in the school did a handprint or traced their hand as part of a school tricolour!

How AMAZING and effective are these Padraig Pearse profiles by 4th class??

1st class did lots of beautiful poetry.

1st - 6th class took part in a whole school Poetry will be announced at our assembly tomorrow!

Our timeline.

Some close ups of the portraits by 4th class.

Senior Infants put the Irish flag and Ireland back together!

2nd class played lots of old Irish street games and wrote about it too.

The Proclamation and Signatories on display. (Thank you for the these lovely images!)

All about the Easter Rising with info from and postcards from the National Museum of Ireland.


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A few of my favourites!

Hello everyone. Happy International Women's Day!! TBH I really only realised it was International Women's Day after watching a Snapchat by James Kavanagh (who, by the way is hilarious and has great snap stories if you're a snapper!)

So I'm sitting in a Starbucks, my poor little car is in the garage...AGAIN! I've an hour to kill while the mechanic works out what on earth is wrong with it now.... NCT on Thursday, it's not looking good :-( So I thought I'd come back to a post I was working on in my head over the weekend!
I decided to make a list at the weekend of a SMALL selection of my current favourite blogs, both teacher-y and not and share them with you... incase there's any you haven't followed yet!

 Ms Cassidy & her class have a lovely blog, with short snippets from their various activities. Some really lovely ideas on here too.

Well it's all in the name really. I believe learning is messy but I'm 99% sure there's people who walk past my room, look at my table and automatically assume there's been an earthquake or and explosion. But no, it's just learning! As the poster on my wall says, "Excuse the mess but we're learning here!" has great visuals of some really great learning activities. Worth checking out for the senior classes.

'Learning for Life' is a Nursery in Dungannon. Their photos and ideas are Aistear heaven. So many amazing outdoor play ideas. If you're an infant teacher and haven't checked it out, it's a MUST!
This is a blog based in New Zealand with some really lovely ideas for play. They had a great idea for an inventors box which you can find here:
 Top Tips for organising an Inventor's Box Play Date for Preschoolers

I love The Eager Teacher's blog. Her ideas are amazing and she documents everything so nicely with lots of pictures for inspo!

This isn't teacher or school related at all. I love Rosemary Mac Cabe's blogging, snapchats and journalism. She's a breath of fresh air. Interesting for her discussions on mental health, life, exercise and fashion. Brutally honest, very entertaining and she has the cutest dog! TOTALLY worth a follow.

Now I'm off to find out the bad/good news about my little car. Fingers crossed!!

Over & out,


Saturday, 5 March 2016

A fly on the wall...

If you were to be a fly on the wall anywhere...where would you choose?

I could think of a hundred and one places off hand but oddly one of the biggest curiosities I have is about my own classroom! Sure, I'd love to follow the President for a day (Michael D. fascinates me!) flit into the Kardashian household for an afternoon, have a snoop in the Cadbury's factory....the list is endless.

But! Wouldn't it be amazing to be a fly on the wall and watch your own day from the outside in?
I'd love to be able to watch my room in action. My reactions to the daily splattering of sneezes on me. My face when I'm asked to open the fifteenth Frube of the day. The priceless little statements that you should write down, but never do. The interruptions to the flow of lessons by the most bizzare of happenings.
We had a fright in our classroom yesterday, it was split second but none-the-less, rattled all the staff involved. A child choked momentarily on their lunch. It was the silence that frightened me. The little red face, panic stricken and eyes filled with fear. I panicked. It felt like an eternity, but the whole incident was over in under a minute. The child was unfazed and quickly forgot about it. I, on the other hand felt sick to the stomach and would have gladly swapped my sandwich for a large brandy! I'd love to have watched my reaction. I'd say the fly version of me would have been screaming from the wall at me.

You can prepare for teaching until kingdom come, but you'll never be prepared for what the day will actually throw at you! In one way, I think that's what's good about our job. No day is the same and never will be.

Have a lovely weekend, I'm switching off and heading Northwards for Mother's Day.

Over & out,

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