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Monday, 14 March 2016

1916 Commemorations.

It's been all systems go in our school over the past week....we've all been preparing for the 1916 centenary celebrations. I haven't had a minute to breathe let alone blog as I'm co-ordinating the day! It was nice to step back today and admire all the hard work! Normal blogging will resume once it's all out of the way tomorrow!! #wrecked
Junior Infants were busy sorting all things old & new!

3rd Class were learning about Countess Markievicz!

6th class were learning about the history of the Irish flag.

This might be my favourite...every child in the school did a handprint or traced their hand as part of a school tricolour!

How AMAZING and effective are these Padraig Pearse profiles by 4th class??

1st class did lots of beautiful poetry.

1st - 6th class took part in a whole school Poetry will be announced at our assembly tomorrow!

Our timeline.

Some close ups of the portraits by 4th class.

Senior Infants put the Irish flag and Ireland back together!

2nd class played lots of old Irish street games and wrote about it too.

The Proclamation and Signatories on display. (Thank you for the these lovely images!)

All about the Easter Rising with info from and postcards from the National Museum of Ireland.


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