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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A few of my favourites!

Hello everyone. Happy International Women's Day!! TBH I really only realised it was International Women's Day after watching a Snapchat by James Kavanagh (who, by the way is hilarious and has great snap stories if you're a snapper!)

So I'm sitting in a Starbucks, my poor little car is in the garage...AGAIN! I've an hour to kill while the mechanic works out what on earth is wrong with it now.... NCT on Thursday, it's not looking good :-( So I thought I'd come back to a post I was working on in my head over the weekend!
I decided to make a list at the weekend of a SMALL selection of my current favourite blogs, both teacher-y and not and share them with you... incase there's any you haven't followed yet!

 Ms Cassidy & her class have a lovely blog, with short snippets from their various activities. Some really lovely ideas on here too.

Well it's all in the name really. I believe learning is messy but I'm 99% sure there's people who walk past my room, look at my table and automatically assume there's been an earthquake or and explosion. But no, it's just learning! As the poster on my wall says, "Excuse the mess but we're learning here!" has great visuals of some really great learning activities. Worth checking out for the senior classes.

'Learning for Life' is a Nursery in Dungannon. Their photos and ideas are Aistear heaven. So many amazing outdoor play ideas. If you're an infant teacher and haven't checked it out, it's a MUST!
This is a blog based in New Zealand with some really lovely ideas for play. They had a great idea for an inventors box which you can find here:
 Top Tips for organising an Inventor's Box Play Date for Preschoolers

I love The Eager Teacher's blog. Her ideas are amazing and she documents everything so nicely with lots of pictures for inspo!

This isn't teacher or school related at all. I love Rosemary Mac Cabe's blogging, snapchats and journalism. She's a breath of fresh air. Interesting for her discussions on mental health, life, exercise and fashion. Brutally honest, very entertaining and she has the cutest dog! TOTALLY worth a follow.

Now I'm off to find out the bad/good news about my little car. Fingers crossed!!

Over & out,


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