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By Clara Fiorentini

Saturday, 5 March 2016

A fly on the wall...

If you were to be a fly on the wall anywhere...where would you choose?

I could think of a hundred and one places off hand but oddly one of the biggest curiosities I have is about my own classroom! Sure, I'd love to follow the President for a day (Michael D. fascinates me!) flit into the Kardashian household for an afternoon, have a snoop in the Cadbury's factory....the list is endless.

But! Wouldn't it be amazing to be a fly on the wall and watch your own day from the outside in?
I'd love to be able to watch my room in action. My reactions to the daily splattering of sneezes on me. My face when I'm asked to open the fifteenth Frube of the day. The priceless little statements that you should write down, but never do. The interruptions to the flow of lessons by the most bizzare of happenings.
We had a fright in our classroom yesterday, it was split second but none-the-less, rattled all the staff involved. A child choked momentarily on their lunch. It was the silence that frightened me. The little red face, panic stricken and eyes filled with fear. I panicked. It felt like an eternity, but the whole incident was over in under a minute. The child was unfazed and quickly forgot about it. I, on the other hand felt sick to the stomach and would have gladly swapped my sandwich for a large brandy! I'd love to have watched my reaction. I'd say the fly version of me would have been screaming from the wall at me.

You can prepare for teaching until kingdom come, but you'll never be prepared for what the day will actually throw at you! In one way, I think that's what's good about our job. No day is the same and never will be.

Have a lovely weekend, I'm switching off and heading Northwards for Mother's Day.

Over & out,


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