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By Clara Fiorentini

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Hello April!!

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter break if you're still off!

It's very hard to believe that April is almost upon us! I say it every year but this has to be the fastest year yet!!
April brings with many dates that allow for lots of learning. Here are a few that I always like to incorporate into teaching when I can, for the month of April.

  • April 2nd - Hans Christian Andersen's birthday. Why not tell some of his lovely stories?
  • April 6th 1898 - The North Pole was discovered!
  • April 15th 1912 - Sinking of the Titanic
  • April 15th - Leonardo Da Vinci Day! Remember this fabulous historical character through Art, History or even Science! Below is a link to some nice info if you're interested in learning about Leonardo yourself.
  • April 22nd - Earth Day.
  • April 23rd - World Penguin Day - any opportunity is a good opportunity for learning about Penguins!! (Slightly obsessed!!)
  • April 25th 1990 - Hubble Telescope was launched.

 The anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic always provides lots of teaching and learning opportunities despite being quite a tragic topic.....especially at the senior end of the school. For example, here's an integrated flow chart I drew up with some ideas that I would use:

I've uploaded a resource pack on the theme of the Titanic on can find it here !

Scoil Net have some nice links to informative sites about the Titanic too.

As per usual, if you've any questions, just drop me an email at or PM on facebook!

Over & out,


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