Hello April!!

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter break if you're still off!

It's very hard to believe that April is almost upon us! I say it every year but this has to be the fastest year yet!!
April brings with many dates that allow for lots of learning. Here are a few that I always like to incorporate into teaching when I can, for the month of April.

  • April 2nd - Hans Christian Andersen's birthday. Why not tell some of his lovely stories?
  • April 6th 1898 - The North Pole was discovered!
  • April 15th 1912 - Sinking of the Titanic
  • April 15th - Leonardo Da Vinci Day! Remember this fabulous historical character through Art, History or even Science! Below is a link to some nice info if you're interested in learning about Leonardo yourself.
  • April 22nd - Earth Day.
  • April 23rd - World Penguin Day - any opportunity is a good opportunity for learning about Penguins!! (Slightly obsessed!!)
  • April 25th 1990 - Hubble Telescope was launched.

 The anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic always provides lots of teaching and learning opportunities despite being quite a tragic topic.....especially at the senior end of the school. For example, here's an integrated flow chart I drew up with some ideas that I would use:

I've uploaded a resource pack on the theme of the Titanic on Mash.ie....you can find it here https://mash.ie/product/titanic-resource-pack/ !

Scoil Net have some nice links to informative sites about the Titanic too.  https://www.scoilnet.ie/primary/theme-pages/the-titanic/

As per usual, if you've any questions, just drop me an email at littlemissteacherblog@gmail.com or PM on facebook!

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