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Monday, 11 April 2016

An intergalactic journey with Aistear!

Senior Infants are working on a Space theme at the moment and I just had to show you all their role play area! They have been preparing for a few days and I was blown away when I visited today!

They have constructed a whole area for a space craft with huge cardboard sections and covered it over to create a truly, intergalactic experience! With lots of little battery powered lights from Penny's, I cannot express how effective it is!!

 The control panel is a mish-mash of fabulous constructions by the children, with materials from!
 This is a great, expanding book / rocket from The Book People!
Stars from Twinkle with the alphabet & oxygen pipes from

Their Ikea circus tent has been transformed into a rocket, the foil covering creates a black-out feel and inside the children have stuck glow in the dark stickers!

 Before they can enter the craft, the children must fill in their passports & checklists!
How fabulous is this rocket?? All with recycled materials!
Suspended from the roof, it really is quite the eye catcher!!


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