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By Clara Fiorentini

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Hang tight! Weekend is in sight!

Hello one & all!!

Apologies for the total lack of posts this week but I have just been beyond busy!  The week before a break is always bananas anyway, so time to blog was virtually non-existent! We are off next week....are you? I seriously need to reboot my system over the next week....I KNOW it's only been four weeks since the Easter break yet I am zonked!?!?

Here's a little snoop at some of the things we've been up to this week!

Since Easter my class have been deep in learning how to add. I just love when you see them take off with a topic, and have that proud teacher moment when they finally 'get it'! My little ones are so chuffed with themselves! I find that the textbooks are a bit yawn when it comes to adding is one of the main concepts they learn in Junior Infants and there's only about 5 pages on it! I have a variety of my own worksheets that I like to use instead and I make up little adding books for them. I'm going to give away a few next week so stay tuned for that.
As adding is the big deal in our class at the moment, one of our 'early finisher' activities are these lovely adding worksheets from Twinkl. I laminated a whole variety them so the children can re-use them, They love them - any excuse to use the whiteboard markers! Twinkl have heaps of adding resources....and with the colour printer they really are nice!

Another early finishing activity is our 1-20 jigsaw. My class are obsessed with counting at the minute and they love getting to work on this. Some like to do it in pairs, some are determined to do it all by themselves. I've some packs made up that just go up to 5 and 10, so everyone gets a taste for success at maths! Again, this can be found on Twinkl!

Also to tie in with our Spring theme, I love these pattern picture activities. The children really enjoyed them....they tested their scissor skills, sticking, counting and pattern recognition. Kept them busy! 


Lastly, we have a few maths games we use each week. I try to change it up every week so they don't get bored of the same old activities...I have a box brimming with folders of little maths games and I'm constantly adding to it. These are this week's maths games (from Sparklebox). We play them in pairs at the end of Maths lessons a few times a week and I also like to send them home as a fun homework activity too. Counting, fun & team work all in one! Easy peasy!


If you're off next week or even just for the bank holiday, enjoy the know you've earned it!!


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