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By Clara Fiorentini

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Hanging out at the Hairdressers!

Hello everyone!

Don't you just love when your class are genuinely delighted with something novel or new before their little eyes? Well, that's the exact situation I had on my hands this morning when I introduced our latest role play area....The Hairdressers! You really know their imaginations are working when they can overlook a big cardboard box and their kitchen with a few new tweaks!

So before anyone can get stuck into styling, they have to sort out their appointments! Discreet writing practice!

Our waiting area!

Many oohs and ahhs came from this...our little kitchen ''transformed'' into the hairdressers sink area!
We have our hose at the sink for rinsing the customers' hair.....the pipe was another fab find from!

Our towels are stacked and ready for use!

Our styling stations were ready and waiting with our hairdryers, capes, spritz bottles, mirrors & flashcards. The children especially loved the diamond stickers around the mirrors...they're hard to see in this picture but they add a little pzazz to the cardboard background! Oh and to some of your teacher-eyes, my Twinkly flashcards may  look slightly to the wonky side...but I like to let the children help with setting up our areas! 

Our selection of styles available are from Twinkl. The children have to choose a style at the beginning of their appointment. Great for blending and letter recognition!

A role play area in our class wouldn't be complete without a Twinkl banner!

In the meantime, while waiting on their turn at the Hairdressers, the Creative Station were busy making heads with hair & expressions! 

Check out the mohawk on this child's creation!


The playdough station were busy making people and giving them funky hairstyles with feathers, gems, pipe-cleaners and straws!

It's going to be a fun month with the Hairdressers and all the great activities that stem from this theme! I'll keep you all posted!

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