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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Learning about Leonardo!

Hi everyone,

I've had some queries about teaching ideas for Leonardo Da Vinci as I suggested it as a teaching topic for the month of April. I love history, especially all things Renaissance. With my Italian blood I may be biased but I think Leonardo Da Vinci is a fab topic because you can bring him into so many different subjects, be it Science, Art, History or Geography! Leonardo Da Vinci day is the 15th April, but he doesn't have to be a once off topic! You could easily get a whole months thematic teaching out it if you really  wanted.

Like I did for the Titanic, I've put together a chart of ideas, if you've any other nice suggestions, be sure to mention them! If you would like a copy of this chart or the Titanic one from earlier in the week, just let me know!

Here are some additional online links to information about Leonardo Da Vinci for kids (or teachers!!):

When doing topic teaching I always like to have a variety of books on display for the children to go to and examine independently, here is a selections of books that go along with this theme with a link to where you can purchases each!

Hope this post was useful!

Last day of Easter break for me, I'm doing my very best not to complain!!

Over & out,

Also, a special thank you to all my lovely followers who have sent me such lovely messages and feedback over the past few days! Makes a girl smile!


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