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By Clara Fiorentini

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Liven up your Phonics activities!

Hi everyone!

I'm always looking for new ideas to enhance my teaching of phonics. I'm all about making activities fun and getting all the children involved. Here are some ideas I've taken from which I love!

This is something we're working on at the  minute and I love this little rhyme, I came across it ages ago and wanted to hunt it down for you! Success! 

How cool are these? I know I learn much more easily when I've a visual cue, so why would I expect my children to do without them? These are from

This is always a fun one! Fly swats and tricky words. Fun for all!

Look at this! Sight word hopscotch!! Summer term, where are you?

Sound Detective! Hunt for sounds in the sand with your tweezers & magnifying glasses!

This is such a simple activity and great for blending!

Sound Monster, Sound Monster what's in your tummy? Let me see if it's something yummy!

If you don't have letter stamps, you could easily make imprints with your magnetic letters!

Sand and a cue card are hard to beat! 

Phonics bottle! Search for sounds!

I'm a sucker for anything pretty and this wand is just cute! Catch a sound.

Do you have any favourites for phonics? Let us know!


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