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Monday, 18 April 2016

Mad for Maths!

Hello, hello!

Monday again, and a busy one it was too! I do like to do Maths Monday in my classroom....a little attempt to bring a little more maths to our day..... and why not bring it to the blog too!?!

I've had various queries about how I promote numeracy in my infant classroom....and my honest answer is always: "Make it fun!" If it isn't enjoyable, then what's the point??
 I was always good at Maths in primary school and I always enjoyed it until I hit fourth class and I remember facing long division and 'the circle'..... YAWN!!! From then, right through secondary school I had very little interest in Maths. It didn't trouble me too just bored me!  Sin, Cos, Tan....zzzzzzzzz!! All those buttons on the calculators? What did they even do?! I went through secondary school never even seeing a picture of all those theorems we were supposed to understand! Sure, some maths need to be practiced over and over but dear god surely it should be enjoyable? It was only when I started teaching that I fell back in love with Maths.....and realised that it is SO easy to make it fun!!

It's so easy to incorporate games into Maths...especially in Primary School. Spare your students death by textbook boredom. Stimulate their maths skills with games, activities and whole class tasks to help them envisage maths as something other than numbers on a page.

Since Easter, we've been working on addition, so here are some techniques we've been using as part of Maths to make it interesting and help the little ones envisage what exactly the process of adding is!

These are little Maths adding cards from Sparklebox. I punched a hole under the numbers so the children can attach links to help them calculate the answers.

The adding machine always words a treat! It is a novelty to use and the children can literally see the parts of the sums.

I love the Ready Set Go Maths for dipping in and out of for activities. Ladybirds are a great way of bringing addition to life. I write sums in whiteboard marker on the laminated ladybirds and the children add the spots. Simple!

I like to send games home too. This is by far the most popular one I send home with the kiddos. This tower game means that the children need a partner like a parent or a sibling to play with. Roll the dice, count and build your tower. The person with the biggest at the end, wins. Who doesn't love a little competition?

Here is my supply of Maths games. Many are from Sparklebox & Twinkl. Laminated, labeled and stored in individual zippy folders. The more the merrier! If only I could organise my bedroom this well!

Here's another adding activity we began using today! Clothes pegs and numbered clothes. They loved it! 

Obviously we need to practice our counting everyday so we make it a nice physical challenge too! Movement break and counting combined with our Action Counting. I've had these for a few years but I'm pretty sure I got them from Sparklebox!

Obviously number recognition is a big thing for Juniors.....especially when I find more and more coming to school with no concept of numbers at all. This 'hidden number' activity is very popular in our class. 

Well that was another little snapshot from my room, hope it was helpful!



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