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By Clara Fiorentini

Saturday, 2 April 2016

So Lo Supplies!!

Hello hello,

I'm late to the show but my Nana needed teabags so we stopped by So Lo Stores in Donegal Town this afternoon and lets just say... I got a little more than teabags!
 Meme Maker

How did I not know about this store? I bought so many items that I would usually buy in Dublin and they were sooo much cheaper!

Here's a snoop at some of the supplies I got!

These Phrase flash cards are brilliant and only 1.99! And they're wipe clean so you can get multiple uses out of them!

Look at this little circulatory system foam jigsaw! Nice early finisher activity for the senior  classes. I know I teach infants at the moment, but I'll use it sometime!


These Staedtler markers & twistables are usually SO expensive...and I always admire them. I couldn't get over how reasonable they were today in SoLo. Deeeelighted.

These cute little Teacher Collection self inking stamps were only 79c. I bought a set of four online for 12euro a few weeks ago on a teaching site, so it shows it's best to shop around!

These A3 Document folders are great for storing your resource packs. I'm a divil for hoarding everything I make, but at least my mountains of folders look nice and are easily sifted through! These were only 1.29 for a pack of two..... so naturally I bought 5 packs!!

Sticky Labels are essential. No explanations required. 1.29 for this variety is great!

I love stickers for rewards and correction so I stocked up today. You can never have enough.

This is when I started to get carried away....but how cute are these 'designer' scissors! Polka dot love!! And pink!

You can never have enough little storage baskets. These were nice little sturdy ones so I picked up a set of three for doubt I'll find a use for them on Monday! Also as you can see I stocked up on my Dettol Antibac wipes. I usually get the Aldi ones but these were only 1.29! Essential in the classroom if you're to avoid picking up every bug going! 

So now, not to be the bearer of bad news to Little Miss Teacher followers outside of Co. Donegal, but the only So - Lo Stores are in Donegal at the moment.
You can find them in:
  •  Letterkenny (Pearse Road)
  • Carndonagh (Gaelic Park) 
  • Ballybofey (Sessighoneill)
  • Donegal Town (Dromlonagher)
You can find them on Facebook here...
Worth a look guys!

Hope you're having a lovely Saturday.

Also, I bought double of some of the items to put them towards a really nice Little Miss Teacher give-away competition that's coming up very soon!! #SharingIsCaring 

*This post is not sponsored and opinions are that of Clara @ Little Miss Teacher Blog .*

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