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By Clara Fiorentini

Thursday, 5 May 2016

For the love of the Limerick!

Any Limerick lovers out there? Not the city.... the poetry! I adore Limericks, and they are always a fun side of poetry to bring to the senior classes. Limericks are so great that they've even got their own day of celebration...... and rightly so! May 12th is Limerick Day and also a celebration of renowned Limerick poet, Edward Lear.
*(NB: Lear did not invent the Limerick, he just popularised them! Check out his 'Book Of Nonsense'!)*

I've posted a Limerick pack on with 24 Limericks (all child friendly!!) and two writing for drafting and one for displaying their final composition. You can find them here:
I've used this activity with both 5th and 6th class and they loved the idea of being allowed to make a completely daft composition, that still followed a structure! You get a lot out of the drafting process and the finished products make for a lovely wall display too!

Find out some more info. about Limericks and their origin below!

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