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By Clara Fiorentini

Thursday, 19 May 2016

It's all about that Airport!

Hello everyone!

So this week I had that ghastly task of changing over my role play area. It's an awful transition in terms of packing away a hairdressers and transforming it into our Airport! I've been promising the kiddos all week that the airport would be ready by Friday and of course I left most of it all until today to set up. When will I ever learn?

The grand opening is tomorrow and here's a sneak peak of what we have set up so far!

 So firstly,  I have a clock for planning our take off times, along with some Travel Brochures and Books & Maps for visual stimuli. I have also stuck up a list of travel times and arrivals for inspiration.


Next we have the check in desk. Here the children will have their bags weighed (sorry need to take a pic of the scales tomorrow!), collect their tickets and bag tags! Plenty of subtle writing and spelling opportunities here.

Tickets are from Twinkl!

I love these, I laminated them so we can use whiteboard markers to write down how many bags people are checking in. It went down a treat last year.

Next, the passengers will make their way to passport control, where they will show their passports (which we made today!) and have them stamped. 

Security at Passport control will also check your luggage and scan it. They have to fill in one of these security slips too! Also laminated for re-use!

How cool is our 'x-ray' luggage scanner? The silver foam material is from
The children are going to love this!

Following security, the passengers will make their way to our airplane, which accomodates, six passengers and one pilot!! I'm thrilled with our plane, three children from 6th Class did the paintwork to transform what was a humongous cardboard box!


Is it odd that I love this Exit sign???

I've a feeling with a control panel like this, there's going to be great demand for the role of the pilot. Thank goodness we've mastered the skill of taking turns! 

Can you tell what the steering mechanism is???

(It's a part from my friends old car...with the indicator and lights switches!! See, being a hoarder has benefits!)

While in flight, our Air Stewards will take your orders and serve up some snacks and beverages! Again, these are laminated and the children will use whiteboard markers on them.

Plenty more to come on all things Airport over the next while, but I thought I'd give you a little taster!

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