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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Parachute Patrol!

Hello everyone!

I think its clear that I'm excited about the Summer Term! The end is in sight, better weather may be on the way and let's face it, it is an enjoyable term.... if you have enough planned to keep the kids off the ceiling that is. One sure way of guaranteeing that is by taking them out of the classroom! Remember when YOU were at school, the stuffy heat of the summer term, the stale smell in the room (*pausing to gag*) praying a breeze would drift in through those creaky, brown windows? Praying you'd be brought out for an afternoon football match on the field? (Providing it wasn't waterlogged that was!!)

An activity which I find is often under-rated is the good old parachute! I don't ever remember learning about parachute games in college....granted I may have been somewhat worse for wear at 9am on a Tuesday morning in Pats, but still! I remember someone suggesting it to me years ago and I was like "Ehhhh no, sure I don't even know how that works without the kids going mad!" What a cop out! Thankfully I changed my attitude when I ventured into the infants last year!

The poor parachute often lies gathering dust in the average school's PE cupboard....and it's a pity because there are SO many games you can use it for and no, it's not just 'for the babies'!

Here are some of my favourites:

1. Popcorn 
Place a number of small beanbags or small balls on to the parachute. Shake to make the pop corn pop!
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2. Ball Roll
Split the children into two teams along the parachute.  Place a number of balls on the parachute. One team tries to shake the balls into the hole, the other team tries to keep them out.

3. Making Waves
This brings a bit of storytelling into PE. A ship is sailing on the sea and the children have to make big waves, little waves, a whirlpool, still sea accordingly!

4. Parachute Tag
Make waves with the parachute. Call out two children's names and they must swap places as quickly as they can. This can be changed so that the children meet in the middle and shake hands along the way!

5. Mexican Wave
Just like a football match, mexican wave fun!
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6. Parachute Volleyball
The children are broken into two teams, one large, soft ball is placed onto the parachute. The aim is to throw the ball over the heads of the opposite teams.

7. Tick, tock, don't stop.
The children stand around the parachute and hold it over head. Teacher calls out a childs name and they have to run to the opposite side of the parachute before it touches the floor and traps them. Those holding the parachute count down from 5 as they lower it!
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8. All Change
Children stand around the parachute holding it at shoulder/waist level. Teacher calls out birthday months, hair colours, anything really and the children who they relate to run under the parachute and swap places!!
*I find it helps if each child has a cone, or a little spot marked with chalk or tape on the ground for this one.....Miss Fiorentini likes to avoid chaos!!*

9. Sharks
Children lie down with their feet facing into the centre of the parachute. They pull the parachute up to their waist. One child is the shark and has to crawl under the parachute and grab another child by the feet. This child then becomes the shark. *Brace yourself, this game brings with it plenty of blood, curdling screams!!*
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10. Eagles and Fish
This game guarantees laughs a plenty! Children sit on the floor, holding the edge of the parachute. One child is the eagle and must sit in the centre circle. The children on the outside must make waves with the parachute while 3/4 children chosen as fish must crawl under and try to poke the eage without him/her catching you between his/her wings!

11. One hand run
Children all face the same direction and hold the parachute with the same hand. Use music as the instructor, save your voice! As the music stops, the children must change directions, as the music gets softer they must go slower and as it gets louder they must go faster. Fun for all and really challenges their concentrations.
12. There was a man...
This is a chant of sorts which you can get lots of mileage out of. As the children hold the parachute, you chant:
"There was a man, from the town, who went for a walk one day! (*Walk as you chant!)
But the wind blew so hard, he turned around (*Get the children to turn!)
and walked the other way!"
You can change walked then to hopped, skipped....whatever you like! Easy peasy!

Well I hope these are helpful! If you would like a copy be sure to drop me an email.
Also, I'd love if you could click on the boxes below to tell me how found this post! I love the feedback!!

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