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By Clara Fiorentini

Monday, 9 May 2016

Watch out: Windmills about!


Anyone else have a super fast Monday? My day FLEW! I then laminated what felt like half the amazon after school trying to get all my resources for summer term in order!

Anyhow!!!Tomorrow, May 10th is Windmill Day and with more and more wind farms popping up all over Ireland why not give your class an insight into the importance of windmills and their history?

Fun facts:

  • Windmills have been around since 200BC.
  • The blades of modern wind turbines can reach speeds of up to 320kph!
  • The bigger the turbine, the more energy it can generate.

Here's a nice easy windmill craft if you can get your hands on some cardboard tubes and split pins:

Finished product should look something like this:
                                                 Image from

Or what abour getting the children to construct their own indpendent windmill creation? Challenge them!
Windmill | #cardboard #diy:

Or you could try:
These lovely summer paper windmills, always an eye catcher!
Step by Step Instructions for Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

You can find some more information about windmills & wind energy here:

Windmills are always a nice topic to tie in with Holland. (Holland Day was May 30th btw!)
If you're looking for resources, check out for my Holland Resources...all done with 5th & 6th class!

Over & out!

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