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By Clara Fiorentini

Thursday, 18 August 2016

A few of my favourites!

I'm very aware that a lot of my recent posts have been more suited to infant teachers however I did my fair share of teaching up the other end of the school too! I know I harp on about how fab it is teaching the infants, but I LOVED teaching 6th class. It's hard work but so rewarding too. Looking back over my photos reminds me of how great it is working with the older children, the scope is immense!! 
Here's a little look at some of my favourite art pieces that I did with my last 6th class:

1. Tonal Monsters
Tone is one of the aspects of painting that I always enjoy working on. I so was pleased with how these tonal monsters turned out! They took plenty of time and planning by each child. They then did some nice character profile written work about their monsters on completion!

Tonal Monsters - Painting Lesson - 6th Class - Little Miss Teacher 

2. Manga Masks
Three years ago we went on a trip to the IFI to see a fabulous Animé movie called 'From Up On Poppy Hill'. In preparation for this we researched Animé and the children created their very own Manga Masks. They were so proud of their creations, as was I! They got the opportunity to bring them to the IFI and present them to the audience (mainly other primary school children), a great public speaking opportunity for them! We laminated them too so they would last.

Manga Masks - 6th class Art - Little Miss Teacher

3. Drawing from Observation

So now lets see if you are a little like you have tonnes of half empty bottles of water rolling around the back of your car?? Fear not, they will have a use! Take the labels off and stack them up on a nice flat surface and you've got a fabulous drawing and painting opportunity. Again, another nice project for tone. Quite effective! Can you tell what brand of bottles each of these are? Haha!
Drawing from observation - 6th Class Art - Little Miss Teacher

4. March of the Penguins

I LOVE penguins!! So teaching about them is just a perk of the job!! Each of the children drew and painted a lovely e
Emperor penguin. I love how they were all unique. It was a display we added to, they printed speech bubbles with facts and then wrote poetry on penguin templates. Endless possibilities!

March of the Penguins - 6th Class Art - Little Miss Teacher

5. Hands down. My most favourite. Ever!

This was a project that sprung from a 6th class study of the Renaissance. We were examining a variety of famous art work and one which the class were very interested in was 'The Creation of Adam' by Michelangelo . So we tried doing our own version of the hands. It was a project that they worked on for a while, perfecting and shading etc! I was blown away. Looking back, I still am! The were so into it. Hard to believe these were drawn by 11 & 12 year olds. Never underestimate your students! 
My only regret is not having saved more of these pictures!! (Framed in black is a copy of the original FYI!)
The Creation of Adam - 6th Class Art Project - Little Miss Teacher

I forgot how much I love art! Will you be trying any of these? Let me know!


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