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By Clara Fiorentini

Friday, 19 August 2016

Back To School Giveaway!

Hello everyone!

I'm giving away some nice back to school goodies for one lucky follower! You can enter here on on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or all four if you like!

As well as all these lovely goodies, you will get two choose ** two free downloads**  from any of my resources on my Mash store!

Goodies include:

  • 2 packets of shiny reward stickers
  • 'Dream Big' 16/17 year planner
  • 30 cardboard people templates
  • 400 sticky notes
  • Tub of mini bull dog clips
  • Cute dotty notebook
  • Blue Tack
  • 4 Papermate pens
  • Sharing bar of Galaxy (Top drawer essential)
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Fab Penny's Lunch Bag (Make the thought of school lunches a little more bearable!!)
  • 2 pairs of craft scissors

Best of luck!

Winner will be announced on Monday!


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