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By Clara Fiorentini

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Beginning to blend...

A follower asked me about blending recently so I thought I'd pop up one of my favourite little blending activities which I love to use with my infants.

 These were something I literally threw together one morning to suit one group of pupils in particular but I've just got so much mileage out of them ever since!

Blending for beginners - Little Miss Teacher Blog 

 It's just a really simple way of helping illustrate clearly the different sounds in simple words for your first time readers. I like to use it at the reading station, one-to-one and even as a little parent & child homework activity. It would even work well in Power Hour. It's a little less boring than the regular word lists and fun too! 

You can find a really simple printable version of mine here to download for free:


Happy blending!

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