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By Clara Fiorentini

Friday, 26 August 2016


I'm a big fan of fidget resources. I like to keep a big tub of squeezy toys, glitter balls, stress balls and bands in the classroom for anyone who fidgets or needs a little sensory break.  

Bouncy bands are another great invention. Fidgeting doesn't necessarily have to be about the hands, many children fidget with their feet...tap the floor, kick the chair leg, or find sitting with their legs still a real challenge. Or, maybe their little legs don't even reach the floor yet...sometimes an oversized chair can be a distraction too.

Enter bouncy bands. These attach to the chair legs and the child can rest their feet on the band and either rest their fidgety feet or bounce away.
You can buy Bouncy Bands in Ireland here

Now, I'm a fan of improvisation. You don't always have to invest in the expensive versions for something to be effective. Last year to create a quick and easy bouncy band type fixture, one of my SNA's used duct tape. Fast, cheap but 100% successful.

Here are two alternative DIY versions:
Pool noodles over those stretchy roof-rack cables or bungee cords as they're also known. You can often find them in Dealz!   


Or,  Thera Band, a.k.a medical know the type you get from the physio? Figety goodness!

And lastly, as I mentioned, when a child's feet are dangling, it can be very distracting for them and hard for them to balance, especially during written work! Putting a box under their feet can help with balance and concentration. If you're afraid the box will move, why not try one of those lids you've been hoarding:


Easy peasy!

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