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By Clara Fiorentini

Monday, 22 August 2016

Meet Division Man!

Division can be a yuck enough topic for many students, especially Long Division. I have flashbacks of my own primary school division experiences.... just when you've got the hang of multiplication your teacher now decides to throw another, (what I initially considered) bamboozling concept at you! Shudder!

So when I came to teaching long division, I wanted to try and make it a little bit more enjoyable than the chore I remembered it as.

Enter, Division Man. 

While he does resemble a wonky Frankenstein, despite literally throwing this display together one morning, it was something I got so much mileage out of! Easy made too!
Division Man - 5th / 6th Class Maths Ideas - Little Miss Teacher
Do you have any fun hacks for senior Maths? Be sure to share!



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