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By Clara Fiorentini

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Rules, what do you do?

So as we're getting closer to, dare I say it, 'going back', a lot of your messages and queries are about setting up the classroom. A popular query this week is about 'rules', establishing routine and display ideas for this. 

I'm as bad as a child sometimes, I bore easily and hate looking at the same things on the wall for longer than a few weeks. However, it's nice to have some permanent displays but only if you're making use of them on a regular basis, otherwise they're pointless. One of these type of displays can be your rules. In my infant classroom, obviously the rules are something we refer to on a daily's a nice feature of our morning routine.

Now I've posted this one before but these are mine:

We also have a display which we refer to when we are working for most subjects. It's all about the visual aids with the little ones! (Excuse my dodgy photography btw!)

Rules don't have to be just about behaviour. This was one of my displays when I last had 5th & 6th class and presentation of work was driving me bats!!

I've used this with every class I've taught:

'Give me five' is a favourite of mine for when we are sitting on the mats:

I like signals for instant attention. If you're like me and are longgg past caring what people outside your door might think when they hear your, 'SALAMI' is always a fun one!

I saw these online recently and thought they were cute too! Links to each are in the captions!

I'm a sucker for handprint cute are these rule flowers?

A nice one for the older classes -

You can find a similar download to this 'THINK' poster on Twinkl and Tpet!

I really like this display! 

Do you have any nice ideas for rules? Feel free to share!

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