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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Today's Dealz Haul...

So I love a weekly trip to Dealz! Today I went in to get some treats for my brother's new pup but to say I got slightly sidetracked is an understatement. Dealz had some serious 'must haves' for me today so here's a quick run through of what I got and found!

Twistables!!! Twistables can be pricy but 3 is a pretty good price for a regular pack! 24 pack is €6.

These Twistables are the funky ones with the more unusual colours. A gold and silver Twistable always goes down a treat!

Foam numbers and letters for 1.50
These foam letters and numbers are a must have for my junk art station. They also feature at my finger play station too! 

These diamonte stickers and sparkly number and letter stickers were something I discovered when attempting to make my wedding invitations last year (a task I really wouldn't recommend!!!) and what I had left over, naturally I brought to school and added to my Junk Art station. It was lovely to watch the little ones spelling out names and words on their creations! More of the same please!

Mouse puppet for 1.50
I'm a divil for collecting puppets and how could you pass this little guy?? Won't be hard to find a use for him!! I thought he'd be nice for Three Blind Mice!

Animals masks.... I'm thinking 5 Little Monkeys!

Dealz is always great for adding to your small world resources.....especially when most are 1.50!
I've been on the hunt for tractors for ages and hey presto what did I find today..... 

And some police cars....easily made into garda cars!

You can never have enough cars!!

I thought a bus would be a nice addition to our small world vehicles!

I have these in my room already, they're handy for storage and for when we are using a shop for role play!

Now this is one of my Dealz favourites....this is the sand I've been using for the past two years in my room! It's excellent and only 1.50 for a bag....three bags are enough for the average sandpit! I'll be stocking up again once I've access to my room!

All of these items were in Dealz at the Omni in Santy today!


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