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Friday, 16 September 2016

September - Infant Classroom Set Up.

14th August 2017
Hello everyone!

With September approaching a lot of you have been getting in touch about room suggestions and how to go about setting yours up. Here's an updated version of a post I did last year with a little snapshot into my classroom set up.

September 2016

I've had a big class of 27 infants and with that many bodies, lining up can be hectic. I like to stick my little footprints to the floor to help minimise pushing and squashing! It's also helpful for remembering where their places are!

 "My feet are facing forward, my body is standing tall, 
My finger is on my lips and I'm ready for the hall!"

Now, with so many bodies in the room I need plenty of colours to go around. I like to give the children responsibility for getting their crayons etc. before they start working. I got these little tubs in Ikea and just attached pictures to match their group so they can find them easily with no disputes!!

It's 4 for a pack of 2, I've had mine, three years now and they're still perfect! You can check them out here.

I like to have a big supply of pencils and only sharpen them if needs be so the children learn to sort their pencils by sharp and blunt. Total time saver!

Anyone else die a little inside when they hear "I'm finished!!!" 59 million times an hour? I like to train the little ones into a routine of putting their work away for correction themselves. They do this then move on to the next activity independently.

I've mentioned my filing system on numerous occasions but I always forgot to take a picture. I don't like using textbooks much, so, as a result the worksheets can build up so this is a dead handy little filing system. Kudos to my buddy Aisling for coming up with this nifty system for me a few years back!!

Now, I find a  home corner a great socio-dramatic area for the infants to begin with in September. Its not too daunting, its familiar for them and takes minimal resources leaving you more time to work on getting them into the routine of the Aistear approach. Last year, I spruced our Home Corner up a little with some additions from Twinkl.

Have you tried Twinkl Create yet? I got so much use out of it last year. I just love how you can make so many different great resources with all Twinkl's lovely colours and patterns!

Our groups were jungle animals last year, so I made a little sign with leopard print! Love a bit of leopard print! It's the little things...

We were all about Humpty Dumpty in September. I found this little guy on Twinkl. He lives on our Tricky word wall!

Are you famililar with the second verse of Humpty Dumpty? Always goes down well!

"Humpty Dumpty went to the moon, on a supersonic spoon,
He brought some porridge and a tent, but when he landed, the spoon got bent!
Humpty said he didn't care, and for all I know, he's still up there!"

Art this week was Humpty Dumpty too. Love how these turned out, just need to get them hung up now!

Lastly, name recognition takes up a lot of work in September. We incorporate into our play stations too. Signs are old from Sparklebox and my creature labels are from Twinkl!

Now, hopefully when I go in to unpack my room in a few weeks I can find all these bits and pieces again!

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