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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Aistear - storing or hoarding?

I've had a few messages about storing your Aistear resources, and yes it can be a challenge! You can never have enough space, boxes, shelves and hiding places! I couldn't tell you the last time I was able to put my feet under my desk!

We're very fortunate in our school that we have big classrooms and a great big Art cupboard which is filled with many of the bulkier things that can be wonderful for Aistear but are literally not feasible to store in the room. However, when you're using the Aistear Framework everyday, there's just some things you need to be able to have at hand.

I have a Junk Art area in my room where we store all the materials we use on a regular basis, the children are familiar with it, how to keep it tidy and can take items from it if they need them during play time.

As you can see, this week, I have no shortage of egg cartons, thanks to my mother in law! Last year I used to put these boxes outside the classroom door every so often too, so that the children / parents could add to them. It's very handy but just ensure you stipulate that all containers must be clean! You'd be surprised at what could end up in the boxes!

Also, I'm terrible for nabbing all the A4 photocopying paper boxes from the office! Not only are they great for construction but they're super handy for storing all your role play resources. 


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Halloween at the Wax Museum

Looking for something to do over the mid term?

The National Wax Wax Museum Plus in Temple Bar is always a favourite of mine - especially for entertaining younger siblings!

They go all out for Halloween at the Wax Museum. This year they have a Murder Mystery Hunt from 28th October - 1st November. They also have face-painting, trick or treating and even the opportunity to design your own wax masks!

Check out their website for more!



Monday, 24 October 2016

Halloween Art

I adore Halloween art. Every year I have a list a mile long, full of ideas that I desperately want to do and never get through them all, despite the best intentions.

Here are two little activities which I'm delighted with this week.

Check out these little Frankensteins! Usually I agree handprint art is a bit dull but these are adorable!
We let them have free run with the Sharpies and they really impressed me. I love how all their mouths and expressions are so unique!


Today at our creative station we were making mummies. Googly eyes, kitchen roll, black card templates and PVA Glue. Messy but fun! Today was a bad day to wear my hair down....


Also, the lovely people at Pritt sent me some lovely Pritt Goodies a few months back and I'm only really getting to use them now. I cannot express how much I love this Yellow Glitter Glue. The kiddos are loving using it too. It worked perfectly for sticking on Frankenstein's eyes too!

Glitter glue and Halloween art, it's the little things in life!


Thursday, 20 October 2016

Getting to grips with the Garda Station...

Hello one & all,

As promised, here's my latest update from the role play area this month!

So currently, and after much prep, our role play area is none other than the Garda Station. It has gone down an absolute treat, I'm so pleased with the language that the children are using and how well they are getting into role!

Here's a little look at what it contains so far! We're constantly adding to's nice to take their little ideas and adapt the area as play progresses over the weeks!

Our uniforms...easy peasy hi-vis vests with little homemade Garda badges.

The office. All Garda Stations need an office! Here our GardaĆ­ take phonecalls, record information and write messages.

I got these Incident Forms on Twinkl. They have an ROI Garda pack now on their site.
I like to have some visual inspo on the walls to help inspire language and chit chat in the role play area. I got my labels from Twinkl and just printed the rest myself. It's nice to have some real photographs too.
Garda Station - Language Stimulation - Little Miss Teacher.
Wanted posters. Standard. Made these a few years recollection where I found them unfortunately.

Now, I believe every role play corner deserves one big feature. It's really worth it in a world where many children really struggle with their imagination. So this month it's our Garda car, which apart from the number plate, I can take zero credit for. Our fabulous Garda car was made by one of our seriously creative SNA's. She just knows how to bring the role play area to the next level!! Thank you Aisling!!

Most of the materials for our Garda Car are recycled materials from My particular favourite is the lights. Old CD cases and plastic square lids! The grill is punnets and the siren lights are old plastic bottles, a plastic hurdle part and an old washing tablet pot!

Our Garda Car was a work in progress for nearly a fortnight as we kept adding different bits and pieces to enhance it. Like our dashboard. Recycled buttons, an old car indicator / lights handles, and a variety of other plastic and foam bits and pieces!

Our Garda Station will take up our role play area for the next few weeks. It will kill me to take down the car but hopefully we can transform it when it is time for the opticians! 

It's amazing though how much you incorporate the theme of your role play area into the other areas of Aistear. For example, at our creative station this week, on scissor skills day, we were cutting out pictures of a Garda and colouring in their uniform the correct colours.

 Some other activities we'll be doing / have been doing:

  • Looking for missing objects hidden around the classroom. Good fun when you add the magnifying glasses. I try to have a different challenge for each group when they visit the role play area.
  • Learning about different types of vehicles. Easily tied into Small World & Creative Stations. We're working on shapes at the minute so tracing vehicles and looking for shapes in them is going down well.
  • Writing Station - Lots of tracing and letter formation. The Garda Station is great for informal writing too!
  • Dusting for hidden items in the sand pit with dry paintbrushes.
  • Experimenting with finger prints and footprints!
  • Building Garda Cars & Stations etc. with the Lego.
  • Road Safety
  • Halloween Safety 
  • Visit from the local Garda.
I could go on! I'll keep documenting it all as it flows over the next few weeks. I'm thrilled already with how it's going!

Have you used the Garda station in your classroom? Be sure to share any fun or interesting ideas you have!


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year.......October!

Hi everyone!

No reason for the lack of blog posts other than the fact that life has been busy, busy and busy!

I was working on some Hallowe'en resources this evening so thought I'd stick up a few songs and poems that I'm using with my little ones!

The Skeleton Dance, cute, seasonal, fun and with a few body parts thrown in!

Five Little Pumpkins, always a winner!

In The Hairy Scary Castle. We'll be having Spooky Story Telling at the end of the Month and I always love to have my class perform this one for the parents!

And some fun rhymes:


There's also a few handy resources for Hallowe'en here too: 

And as always, Twinkl have a multitude of fantastic Hallowe'en resources. I love their pencil control and playdough mats!

ACan you tell I love Hallowe'en?

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