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By Clara Fiorentini

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Aistear - storing or hoarding?

I've had a few messages about storing your Aistear resources, and yes it can be a challenge! You can never have enough space, boxes, shelves and hiding places! I couldn't tell you the last time I was able to put my feet under my desk!

We're very fortunate in our school that we have big classrooms and a great big Art cupboard which is filled with many of the bulkier things that can be wonderful for Aistear but are literally not feasible to store in the room. However, when you're using the Aistear Framework everyday, there's just some things you need to be able to have at hand.

I have a Junk Art area in my room where we store all the materials we use on a regular basis, the children are familiar with it, how to keep it tidy and can take items from it if they need them during play time.

As you can see, this week, I have no shortage of egg cartons, thanks to my mother in law! Last year I used to put these boxes outside the classroom door every so often too, so that the children / parents could add to them. It's very handy but just ensure you stipulate that all containers must be clean! You'd be surprised at what could end up in the boxes!

Also, I'm terrible for nabbing all the A4 photocopying paper boxes from the office! Not only are they great for construction but they're super handy for storing all your role play resources. 

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