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By Clara Fiorentini

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Whooooooo's been making owls?

We've been learning about owls in infants and one of our final activities to do was this cute owl art. This is what the creative table consisted off this morning. It went much better than last time because we used PVA glue instead of glue sticks - the sugar paper went a bit mushy on the glue sticks last year for some reason!

So eveyone got a big A3 owl template. Paper is fine, the glue and brown sugar paper will stiffen when they dry anyway!

Shredded brown sugar paper - tearing it up is a good fine motor exercise!

Yes, yes, I use paintbrushes for glue!

I had pages upon pages of spare eyes from something last year so they were put to good use today, finally! Adding eyes and a beak were the finally touches! 

A lovely little activity, which took a good bit of focus, persevering and concentration from all.

Spot the photobomb :-)
They're going to be delighted to see their owls on the window tomorrow! It's the little things!

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