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By Clara Fiorentini

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Keeping germs at bay in school

When you're in an environment that's as hectic as school, the last thing you need to be doing is worrying about germs or dare I say it, getting sick!
However, with the weather being so changeable at the moment, it's almost impossible to avoid germs - especially when the school environment is the perfect breeding ground! They're everywhere! In what other walk of life are you sneezed on, spluttered on and poked with the same fingers that have just been in a nose? Yikes! We're remarkable human beings really, to be are still standing at all!

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Tips for reducing germs / spread of germs at school:

1. Use disinfectant wipes a few times a week on your surfaces. Remember it's not just the kiddies touching those tables - it's you, their books, bags...everything!
Don't stop at just the tables. If your students share pencils, twistables, crayons, give them a wipe down too. Believe it or not, pens and pencils can hoard all sorts of germs like E.coli, Streptococcus, Salmonella and Impetigo! While you're at it, it's always a good ideas wiping down keyboards, interactive whiteboards, light switches, door handles too.

If you prefer using natural cleaning materials, here's a link to some nice natural disinfectant ideas.

2. Use a handwashing timer. Have a hand washing routine. We sing "I'm washing my hands" to the tune of Happy Birthday, twice. This ensures that a decent amount of washing is done, each time a child needs to wash his/her hands.

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3. The vomiting bug comes is cycles, especially at this time of year. Inform parents, if their child has been sick in the morning, don't send them in! It;s not fair on the child, the rest of the class, or you! Trust me, a few years back, I gave myself a Gastric Hernia after catching the bug twice in a month and ended up needing major surgery and missing 10 weeks of work! And they say teaching is easy?

4. Wash the toys. Lego bricks, teddies, cushions, maths equipment....all can go through the washing machine or dishwasher. A cycle once or twice a term will do them no harm!

**Caution......This next tip may make you rethink your handbag choice for school!!!**
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5. Keep bags off the floor. ESPECIALLY your handbag! Keeping bags on pegs or on the back of chairs is much more hygienic than on the floor. Believe it or not school bags, bases of handbags and reuseable shopping bags can hold more germs than the average toilet flush. Encouraging washing school bags regularly is always a good idea!

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6. Protect your throat. Drinking plenty of water is obviously vital for protecting our throats, but adding some lemon makes it all the more powerful! Lemon is a natural antiseptic and is great for warding off sore throats. I swear by it.

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Burn Olbas Oil to kill germs at school -
7. Do you have a little oil burner? Olbas Oil is be a great way of cleaning the air and a great decongestant, giving the classroom a lovely scent in the process. Obviously, keep it well out of reach of students!

Do you have any germ hacks you use? Be sure to share!



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