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By Clara Fiorentini

Sunday, 15 January 2017

10 things everyone should know about teacher life

The world of a teacher. It's a weird and wonderful place. It's hard to imagine another job that can have such an array of emotions, events, calamities and celebrations all in the first five minutes of the day.

If you had to tell someone 10 things about teacher life, what would you say? Here's what springs to mind for me:

1. Bladders

Is there any bladder like a teacher bladder? Programmed literally by clockwork. We're in a job where we have to keep drinking water to protect our voices but then alas, you're trapped without a toilet break until the bell rings. ( Unless, on those miraculous days when you get a knock to the door from a visiting teacher and can make a quick exit!)

2. The Look.

All teachers will have perfected 'the look' shortly into their career. The reaction to convey a multitude of emotions. Disappointment. Exaggerated shock. Whatever is needed at that moment. However, if like me you have younger siblings, you will be regularly reminded not to use 'the look' or your 'teacher tone' with  on them. So to all teacher siblings out there, we apologise. It's not intentional, some actions just automatically will result in 'the look'.

3. Laminating Pouches

You will lose track of the amount of laminating pouches you purchase. When they're in the office they will be like gold-dust. While I always find something therapeutic about laminating,  your ears will become hyper sensitive to the tuning of a creased laminating page and it's no joke, a little bit of your teacher soul will die inside every time that happens. Also, you will break at least one laminator in your teaching life. Don't beat yourself up, I've broken three since 2008.

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4. Having a Love Hate Relationship with your Photocopier

This machine needs to be treated with love, care, calmness and in all cases, patience. They sense stress. They know when you're in a hurry. No photocopier likes to be rushed. If he senses your urgency, he will jam, run out of toner or simply start beeping for no known reason. Mysterious, mysterious creatures.

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5. Sarcasm does not work

Sarcasm has no place in the classroom. It doesn't work, the younger children don't get it and let's face it, it's just plain mean! Just no.

6. Supermarket Sweep

You will become adept at recognising voices of children and parents  in the supermarket without actually seeing them. You will become an expert at swerving round the aisles and you will feel super, until you meet another one of your children at the till having the ultimate meltdown. Guaranteed.

7. Brace yourself

Not all dealings with Parents will be positive. But it is a good idea to take a step back and think why they might have a guard up or be coming at you in a certain way. People will take their negative experiences of education out on you. Not everyone in life will have had positive experiences with school or education. This can feed through from parents  to their children too. Remember making your school / classroom a welcoming place for parents is just as important sometimes as for the children.

8. Mugshots

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Whether you like it or not. You will be immortalised on the walls of the school for decades to come. After teaching the confirmation classes and infants for several years now, there are at least  six class portraits, each with a waxy looking me in all. It also really makes you reconsider a lot of outfit choices and hair styles every time you pass them!

9. Children have no filter

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You will hear every thing. Whether you want to or not.  You could be teaching the most wonderful lesson in the world about the life cycle of a  Hedgehog and you will be interrupted  to be told all sorts of gorey details and stories from home. That of course will have no relevance what-so-ever to the topic in question. After the first few hundred of these instances, you will become immune, simply nod and be completely unfazed.

10. Multi-tasking Extraordinaire

We are only paid to be teachers. HOWEVER! In a typical day, you will have most likely also have taken on the role of  counsellor, psychologist, doctor, nurse, mother, mechanic, engineer, plumber, IT technician, shoe-tier, coat-zipper-upper, lunch opener, actor, singer.....I could go on.
Basically, having the additional limbs of an octopus would be beneficial.

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Image from: Busy Octopus Image

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Happy Sunday one & all,


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