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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Making the most of the cold snap

With the Winter sticking right with us this January, it makes the Polar Projects and Winter Art activities all the better!

I've shared some of these before however, here's some of my favourite winter activities I did with my last 6th class.

Emperor Penguin Poetry & Paintings:
Emperor penguin display...penguins at bottom, sketched and painted by students, lighter penguins at top are penguin shaped poems! Blue speech bubbles are facts about emperor penguins!:

Report Writing & Fact files on Antarctica:

Winter theme... Welcome to antarctica... Report writing on life of emperor penguin... Integration of art by sketching and painting adult emperor penguin. Reading material displayed beneath...selection of books on antarctic/polar wildlife & explorers!:

I've treasured this until I can use it again. A sketch of Tom Crean by one of my former 6th Class Pupils! Amazing right?
Yes, one of my 11 year old students sketched this picture of tom crean...from observation!!!:

A lovely project on Tom Crean and his Antarctic adventures:

Tom crean display...senior primary school writing :-):

Experimenting with tone & still life drawings. The blues are nice for this time of year and it's always easy to get your hands on some plastic bottles!

Painting still life images... Bottles and blue paint...great for linear perspective and use of tone! #art #primaryschool:

Walking in a Winter Wonderland:
Winter art for senior primary classes...incorporates detail, linear perspective, sketching & use of tone :-):

'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening'. A lovely poem to trigger some great images from the imagination.


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