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By Clara Fiorentini

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Animal Themed Maths Activities for the Infant Classes

We're going to be going animal mad next week with maths. I'm forever making maths games. We have a maths games station going most days, the kiddos take it so seriously and love when a new game comes into the mix. So in preparation for the week ahead I have lots of fun, easy-to-make, 'animal themed' maths activities all ready to go. (If we're being particular, there's insects too!)
If you're feeling energetic these activities are all easily made but if you want to save yourself the bother, I've stuck a copy of each of them up for download for anyone who would like a copy.

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Kimmy shimmy, there's free resources!

All have a similar procedure, roll the dice, count and draw. Incorporating counting, number value, pencil grip, drawing fine motor skills etc, etc, etc! Print, laminate, grab some dice and whiteboard markers and you're ready to roll! And if there's a queue for the laminator? Pop them inside a poly pocket and it does the same job!

1. Zebra Stripes
Roll the dice, count and draw the stripes on the Zebra.

2. Giraffe Spots
Roll the dice, count and draw the spots on the Giraffe.

3. Hedgehog Spikes
Roll the dice, count and draw the spikes on the Hedgehog.

4. Ladybird Spots
Roll the dice, count and draw the spots on the ladybird.

5. Caterpillar Feet
Roll the dice, count and draw the feet on the caterpillar.

Download a FREE copy of all these resources.

**Don't have a account? Fear not. Drop an email to and I'll send you a PDF copy.**

Each game can be used independently, in pairs or in teams. Spice it up and throw a timer into the mix to ensure they don't become the never ending game of life!

Looking to integrate? Here are some stories you could link to these activities:
The Bad Tempered Ladybird
Dear Zoo
How the Zebra got it's Stripes
The Zebra and the Giraffe
Giraffe's Can't Dance
Georgina the Giraffe
The Very Lazy Ladybird
What the Ladybird Heard
The Very Helpful Hedgehog
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
The Crunching Munching Caterpillar
Caterpillar Dreams

Plenty to keep everyone busy, learning and engaged.


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