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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Coffee Shop Role Play Area

So the next month of role play is going to be a little different. I've been trying to let the children be more in control of the decision making with their play this year. Last month they chose the Vets, this month it's going to be the Coffee Shop! *Claps hands in glee!!*

So, naturally, this has only encouraged me to drink even more coffee than usual and sample even more coffee shops in Dublin....just so I have plenty of cups of course. All for the play. Any excuse! And my very lovely colleagues have been keeping their cups for us too.

Now, it's very basic so far, but everything there has been the suggestions of the children.

We have some instructions for the baristas - little discreet reading opportunities. The signs I edited on a handy website called  Festisite. Our banner is from Twinkl Create.

The kiddos thought bringing in their aprons would be useful for working behind the counter!

Tea & Coffee ready to go! (Lidl's finest!)

They also suggested cookies - we've gone with laminated cookies because, well, because!

Cups & lids at the ready!

What else are we doing?

Playdough - We're going to experiment with Coffee, Tea & Chocolate scented playdough recipes. I'm going to integrate some Maths into our playdough table. Making amounts of cookies etc.

Water Play - Mainly capacity but we're also going to have a few days of messy play with tea bags & coffee. Fun galore!

Junk Art - Coffee cup creations.
Image result for coffee cup crafts

Other learning:

Gaeilge - Ag Siopadóireacht - focus on the story 'Ag Siopadóireacht le Mamaí'. We've been trying to use a little more Gaeilge Neamhfhóirimiúl in our play ever since Seachtain Na Gaeilge so the coffee shop will be a good place for this!

Maths - We're delving into addition now so we'll be having lots of coffee shop related addition activities.

Parent & Child - We're going to have a mug decorating afternoon towards the end of the month and invite the parents in to help. We're just finished a slot of Paired Reading and the children just adore having their parents & grandparents in the classroom.

Should be a fun few weeks!

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