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By Clara Fiorentini

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Summer Term Activities

Summer Term is fast approaching. The season of school tours, standardised tests (shudder) and sunshine is on the horizon.

This morning, I've been busy pinning some nice summer term activities to my Summer Term Teaching Ideas Pinterest Board. You've got to love Pinterest!

Image result for pinterest memes

Anyhow all the pinning reminded me of some of my summer term bits & bobs so I thought I'd throw them up here for you. Sure who doesn't love a few free, ready-made resources?

The Many Pieces of Me - FREE DOWNLOAD

Summer Symmetry Drawing Activities - FREE DOWNLOAD

End of Year Activity Pack (6th Class) -  FREE DOWNLOAD

End of Year Activities (Senior Classes) - FREE DOWNLOAD

Collection of Wordsearches (5th/6th Class) -  FREE DOWNLOAD

Looking back at my year & My Summer Bucket List (4th-6th Class) - FREE DOWNLOAD

Summer Activity Pages (Infant Classes) - FREE DOWNLOAD

If you know anyone who might find these handy, then tag them on FB!

Now, back to enjoying the Easter break!

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