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By Clara Fiorentini

Monday, 1 May 2017

Classroom Playlist

Do you play music in the classroom? I try to most days. My kids have coined it 'brain music' as we play it when we're doing most forms of seat work, wet breaks and sometimes during play. It keeps noise to a "minimum" (what even is a minimum anymore?!) and more importantly the children really enjoy it and associate it with focus work. It's an added bonus when they request it and when you hear them humming along to some beautiful classical pieces too.

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When a pupil gets lost in the music....

Someone asked me recently about what music I tend to use or play and if I could recommend any CDs. Honestly, I have two baskets full of CDs but I actually don't know when I used a CD last. Apart from Bizzy Breaks now & again, it's generally the laptop I go for!

So, here are a few quick links to some of my go-to classroom, background music.:

  1. Shameless Disney fan like myself? Well here's four hours of  beautiful, relaxing Disney music, played on the piano!

2. My kiddos call this the 'happy music'. It's a nice one for writing time.

3. Xylophone music is always relaxing. This is a nice one for an activity that requires a lot of concentration, like Creative Writing, Art or even cutting or sticking activities with the infants!

4. This is a nice one for 'Tidy Up Time' - and not quite as manic as the Tidy Up Rhumba either.


5. Sometimes it's hard to beat just sticking on some of the Classical Composer's and their most chilled compositions. Once you can hold off doing your wedding march round the classroom when Pachelbel's Canon in D comes on!

 6. This one is always requested in my class - more-so I think because my pupils adore this kitten it has a cat for an image! Just another nice relaxing compilation for seatwork.

Do you have any 'go-to' music for the classroom? Be sure to let me know and I can stick it up here too.

Hope you all had a good first week back after the Easter break. Enjoy the Bank Holiday!

*I know not everyone has access to YouTube at school but you can just let the pieces load on your mobile, hook it up to the jack and play away and once it has buffered, you can play away regardless of internet speed etc! And if you're concerned about your phone ringing over the sound system - just stick it on airplane mode, if the YouTube content has loaded already you'll still be able to play it. True story!*



  1. Love these music choices! Thank you! I love using Yiruma's golden collection for handwriting or mindfulness activities. :)

    1. Oh I'll have to check that out Avril, thanks! Clara :-)


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