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Monday, 26 June 2017

Final Days of School - Activities for Every Class to enjoy

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Hi everyone,

It's hard to believe it's the final week of school already. Some of you lucky ducks might already be finished, but for many of us, we're still going for another few days.

Many of us are packing up and returning resources but without plenty planned for your class it can be a very long last week. Here are some ideas to keep your classes ticking over:


  • Teddy Bear's Picnic - why not bring some of their teddies to school and have lunch al fresco? Or even better, bring the Bears to the library and have some nice reading time with their cuddly friends. Library out of action? Wouldn't the teddies be lovely reading buddies for some D.E.A.R time?
  • Visit their new classroom - always makes September less daunting! Why not even invite down their new teacher for a little chat!
  • End of year handprint keepsake - the little ones and their parents always love a little memento.

"My first year of school was special you see,
Everything there was planned just for me.
Here is my hand so tiny and small,
To hang somewhere upon the wall.
To watch it and see as the years go by,
How we grow up, my hand and I."

  • Canvas memento - each year I've had Junior Infants we've made a handprint canvas so as they can have it as a class keepsake when they get to 6th Class. 
  • Revisit memories - put up the photos on the IWB and enjoy reflecting on all the lovely activities and events your class were involved in over the year. Why not even print out some pictures and let them make a nice collage of their favourite memories.

Senior Classes:

  • Make a summer bucket list.
  • Measure everyone with string and let them observe how much they grow between now and the end of the holidays.
  • Record their favourite memories from the past year.
  • Compose a class newsletter featuring all the wonderful activities from the past term.
  • Compose some poetry about their year.
  • 10 things my teacher taught me
  • 10 things I loved about this year
  • Make Keepsake T-shirts or Pillows - get a last bit of use out of those sharpies!
  • Make an autograph book for your classmates to sign and write messages and memories of the year you've had together as classmates.
Here are a few other nice ideas I came across on a Pinterest hunt last night:

                                           The perfect foldable for your 2017 End of the School year fun.  Students will get to write about their summertime fun predictions will decorating the toy of the year.

                            'Fidgety for summer' - fun idea easily adapted for all classes from TPT.

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How much fun does this look? Team challenges are always a fun one for the senior classes with minimal resources required! Picture cred - Pinterest.

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Borrow some tennis balls from the PE store for this handy challenge. Picture cred - 'Teachers are Terrific'

How to Build a LEGO Fidget Spinner - So cool!!! Step by step instructions and the post has a video too.
What about sticking with what's trendy at the moment and challenge your class to make some lego fidget spinners? Picture cred - Pinterest.

End of Year Reflection Activity-Have students come up with something they learned about this school year for each letter of the alphabet.  This can be fun as a whole class end of year activity or small group activity!  More end of year activity ideas in blog post.
A-Z reflection of what your students remember learning this year. Source Pinterest.

Take a picture of students and have them make a mask for their pictures. Add a straw and have students fill out a dive into summer story. I'm thinking info on fish.
I really like this idea. Could be easily adapted to suit any class. Source - Shenanigans In Second.

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Wave goodbye to school - a handy little craft for the last few days of school. Maybe you could attach a little rhyme to each. Picture cred - Pinterest.

Here are a few free resource downloads which could be handy for the next few days:

Summer Symmetry Drawing Activities
School's Out - Activities for 6th Class
End of year activity pack: 3rd - 6th Class
'Pieces of my heart' activity
Wordsearch pack - 5th/6th class
Looking Back at my year - Activity Pack - Senior Classes

Enjoy the last few days!

Fastest. Year. Ever.

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Picture cred - Sarah Holbrook
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