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By Clara Fiorentini

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Literacy Station Activity Ideas

A few people have got in touch recently asking about ideas for literacy stations, for early finishers, for independent learning and for revision.

Here's a selection which I use on a regular basis which can easily be adapted to suit your class:

1. Word Jenga

Got an old game of Jenga lying around? It's easily made into a handy reading activity! We have words on ours at the moment - a mixture of tricky words, CVCs and words we've met recently in stories. Earlier in the year we used it to practice letters and sounds. It always goes down a treat.

2. Matching Letters Activity

I found this on Seomra Ranga a few years back and it's still going strong. It's got lowercase matching, upper case matching and then matching lower case with relevant uppercase letters. You can find this activity for free download here.

3. Jolly Phonic Games

Now I'm far from Jolly Phonics biggest fan but some of their games are very handy for pair work. I send them home for homework challenges too. 

FYI: The little counters were a fab little find from on one of my many visits last year!

4. Roll a Sound (Twinkl)

This is one of my favourites and great for revising letter sounds and names.

5. Snakes and Ladders

If you've got an old game of Snakes and Ladders lying around you can easily doctor it to suit whatever you're working on. Stuck for time? On you can make your own printable game. You can find it here.
Similarly, Twinkl has some CVC snakes and ladders games for download too. 

6. Word Mats

Word Mats are always a great resource for a literacy station. We like to make games out of ours. For example, by integrating them with maths by:
-Rolling the dice to read a word with that many letters
-Covering words with numbers cards and they can only turn over the number card to read the word when they roll that amount
-Rolling the dice and reading that many words
Endless possibilities!

Other ideas:

Here are another few fun ideas I came across on Pinterest recently:
sight word graphing:
Sight Word Connect Four:
Primary Junction: First Grade Christmas Sight Word Game:

Try using this simple sight word coloring paper with your students who have difficulty focusing on sight words.  Since your children get to color, they have to pay close attention to the sight words in order to choose the right colors:
Make It, Play It, Learn It Sight Word Fun- easy prep sight word activities!:

Hope you all had a nice bank holiday!



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