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By Clara Fiorentini

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Seaside Themed Role Play

We're having a lot of fun in our new seaside role play area. The children were nearly in mourning when we packed up the coffee shop but it's a distant memory now. It took us a good week to get it all set up, but everyone helped out and it's been a great source of talk and excitement since we began.

Our first step was to make a nice seaside background for the area. Lots of experimenting with blue tones and a dash of glitter. Ok, a heap of glitter. Yep, it's still all over the place.

Image result for teacher glitter memes

We put all up on one corner of the classroom and livened it up with some nice Twinkl visuals. The Junk Art stations have been making lots of different sea creatures throughout the week and we've been adding them too as we go along.

So far, our bits and pieces for playing at the seaside consists of goggles, snorkles, sun-cream, sunglasses, deck chairs, buckets and spades, shells, nets, sun hats, plastic sea creatures and stuffed sea animals.

I salvaged an old sandpit last year - its legs had fallen off, but it's actually perfect for sand play - as less ends up on the floor!

I'm finding Twinkl Create really handy these days.

I picked up these little bits in Dealz, in preparation last week!

I forgot to take a 'before' shot of the pools today, but these are going down a treat. Picked them up in Dealz. They're a nice way of incorporating some independent water play, while avoiding a classroom tsunami!
 Our little inspiration wall is a series of prompt cards from Twinkl. 

What else is going on?

  • Seaside themed playdough activities & ice cream stall.
  • Seaside themed maths - lots of addition, colour by number, pattern making, capacity, money (buying ice cream)
  • Junk Art - making sea creatures. & boats. We're using up all the cardboard boxes people have been hoarding for me all year!
  • Small World - our small world sea animals are being brought into the role play this month.
What stories could I incorporate?

There are so many lovely picture books you could incorporate into a seaside theme but here are some to get you started:

What else?

I love how much lovely art stems from a seaside thematic unit. Here's a few of the art activities we've done so far:

1. Jellyfish Construction

Octopus, Jellyfish - whatever you think they look like, these were a really fun and tricky challenge for my juniors. I gave them a shape to cut out, a variety of materials to colour with, hole punches to make holes in their jellyfish, and a mountain of bailing twine to make tentacles. Now they look far from spectacular, but this was a great fine motor workout and they loved the challenge of 'tying' the tentacles. Loop, swoop and pull!

My strips of googly eyes are from a roll of 1000 googly eyes Mr. Price!


2. Directed Drawing Pastel Fish 

Again, like the glitter, the pastels are messy, but the process is worth it! 

3. Celery Printing Rainbow Fish

This is on my to do list for next week. One of my favourite Junior Infant art activities ever! Who knew printing with celery could be so effective .... and therapeutic! My picture is refusing to upload so here is one from - see how celery works as the perfect scale print!?

Celery Stamping Rainbow Fish Craft for Kids | Rainbow fish crafts, Animal  crafts for kids, Fish crafts

Endless scope with an open-ended theme!



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