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By Clara Fiorentini

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Keeping up communication

Fostering home-school links is always an important aspect of our teaching positions. Keeping parents in the loop, providing feedback, making suggestions, giving praise when it's due etc. It's hard to keep on top of everything but little spontaneous notes are always helpful, even if it's just a sentence. Be it a post-it, a note on top of a word list or page of work - any communication is great. You'll never have time to physically talk to every parent every week and realistically you won't see them all anyway. Little personalised notes are always handy.

I keep a stock of them on my desk ready to go, so whether it's for a reminder, a suggestion or positive feedback on work or behaviour, notes like these are easily stapled into a copy or popped into a homework folder or pencil case on the spot - or even just handed out at home-time! Besides, any opportunity for a little praise is a good one.

So easily done but worthwhile. Mine is pretty basic but if you would like a copy you can PM me on Facebook on Instagram or comment below!

It's all about the time-savers!

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