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By Clara Fiorentini

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

First Day Memories

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The first day of school is such a special day for all involved, don't forget to make sure you get a picture of everyone at some point in the day. It's a lovely little keepsake for the parents but it's also so nice to look back on them throughout the year and see how much the children have grown and changed. Here's a handy little way of recording the moment:

First Day Memories - Little Miss Teacher.

"I came to learn, I came to play,
I had really, great first day!"

First Day Memories - Little Miss Teacher.

"This is a picture of my first day,
I've started school, hip, hip hooray!"

First Day Memories - Little Miss Teacher.

"My first day at school, was really so much fun,
This picture is for my memories, for all the years to come!"

First Day Memories - Little Miss Teacher.

"This is my picture from school, to remind you of my first day,
There were friends to meet and books to read,
And lots and lots to play!"

Time goes so fast, it's all about capturing the memories and moments!



  1. The pictures are very nice, what a nice little way to remember this special moment and look back on it as the kids grow up. Hope to see more wonderful ideas from you soon!

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