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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Home Corner

Hi everyone!

Lots of questions coming in about setting up a socio dramatic area for the first time. Here's an updated version of my post on the Home Corner.

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I have a ridiculous amount of wall space in my's brilliant, I love noticeboards but for the first few days, filling noticeboards is the least of my worries! You might have seen the Edutopia article I posted on Facebook about involving your class in setting up your room.... it really made me re-think my classroom set up last year.
Designing a deskless classroom- Edutopia

I always like to incorporate a noticeboard into all my role play areas....and let the children add to it as the theme goes on. Hanging blank sheets of paper on an accessible noticeboard is a great way of encouraging writing, drawing and doodling - and writing vertically is really beneficial for posture, gross & fine motor strength. Check out this article for more on Verticle Writing.

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Image from Preschool Inspirations

The Home Corner is ideal for September as the resources you need will generally be in the classroom already and if not, they're easily found.

How can you enhance and extend the learning opportunities at you home corner?

  • Telephones - have a landline and a supply of old mobile phones. Great for conversation, imagination and developing oral language.
  • Writing Materials - Lots of pens and paper for making shopping lists, taking messages etc.
  • Reading Materials - Have a supply of picture books and non-fiction books related to the theme in the area.
  • Dress up clothes -  Scarves, blankets, bags and purses...sometimes it;s better to let the children be imaginative with their costumes rather than have ready made costumes provided. Anna & Elsa will still make an appearance when there's just a box of scarves to work with!
  • Dolls & Puppets - both are always valuable resources in the role play area.

Last year in our 'Home Corner' I added some (makeshift) windows and curtains. They're a nice feature but also inspire some really nice imaginative conversations. Oral language galore!
(Now, my curtain hanging skills leave a lot to be desired but you get the idea!!)

Role Play - Home Corner - DIY windows - Little Miss Teacher

Windows, curtains & vases of flower - Role Play - Little Miss Teacher

-What can you see out the window?
-Who is that coming up the garden path?
-What's the weather like out there today?
-Is that a car I see, I wonder who is in it?
-There's an animal in the garden, what is it?

A nice little feature and an easy way of getting another noticeboard off the to-do list!

How can I link the other stations to the theme of Home?

Here's some very brief ideas of how you can easily incorporate the theme of home into your other stations:

Playdough - making houses, making people, making meals, initial letter formation, forming CVC words with playdough (bag, mat, hat, cat, bed etc.)
It's really easy to make theme related playdough mats - just laminate!

Construction - building homes & houses

Small World - Home play, using dolls house, people, vehicles, animals etc.

Junk Art -  making food, meals, houses...literally endless options as always with the creative play!

Water - washing the clothes, washing dolls etc.

Learning galore!


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