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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Directed Drawing Activities: Leprechauns

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I love a bit of directed drawing. I say directed quite loosely as, with most teachers. I always state "Now you know, I'm not an artist" before I draw ANYTHING.

Regardless of the instructions and it being supposedly 'directed', the children always amaze me with their versions of the task.

A nice one for the St. Patrick's season is Leprechauns. A bit of of cartoon style work is always fun, whichever class you have!

I just use the regular whiteboard and we draw each part together, piece by piece. With the Leprechauns, we start from the hat and work our way down! It's great for shape work, listening and concentration too. Now bear in mind these are by Junior Infants; but even still I think they've done a great job! The next task tomorrow will be to spend some time adding the colour, and as I'm a glutton for punishment, a bit of glitter too!


I can't believe St. Patrick's Day has crept up on us so quickly, maybe it's maternity leave looming but I just feel like time is absolutely flying!

But sure isn't being busy good?!

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Rhyme credit: Pinterest

Image result for rhymes about leprechauns


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