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Monday, 28 May 2018

6th Class Graduation Ceremonies

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Hi all!

It's that time of year again, Graduation Ceremony prep for a lot of 6th class teachers is in full swing! I've been getting a good few queries about Grad Ceremonies so just thought putting it all into a post might be helpful!

I really regret not taking more pictures when I was teaching 6th - I clearly hadn't got into the habit of uploading my photos to Google Drive back then! I've been packing up bits from my classroom this past while in preparation for Maternity Leave, and this afternoon I uncovered a few dusty boxes from my time at the senior end of the school! I loved teaching 6th, and preparing for the Graduation Ceremony at the end of the year was always something which I found great for keeping the class going right until the end!

I teach in a Catholic school, so usually there was a religious element to the ceremony, but we tried to ensure that the ceremony flowed with as much lead and input from the pupils as possible.

We used the school hall, and we decorated it with a selection of the pupils' favourite work and artwork from throughout the year - poetry, writing, projects etc!

We also did a few specific displays just for the occasion too, such as:

1. What the pupils wish to be remembered for: 
(You can tell the quality of the mobile phone cameras have improved drastically since 2013!!)

Nice end of year display for school leavers... Children pick a word that describes how they would like to be remembered :-)

2. Some nice quotes / positive statements to sum up their time in primary school:

A Nice poster the kids can make for graduation mass/ceremony!

3.  Mortarboards

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Image source: Teach Junkie

I don't have a picture of ours unfortunately, but we used to print out a picture of each class member and they designed their own mortarboard hat to put on their photograph. It was a nice display and a nice little keepsake then afterwards.

What else?

  • Memory Lane

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As part of the ceremony we always took a trip down memory lane by having one memory / object from each year of their primary school life. It was lovely. We had a 'gift' or a memento from each year, Infants right up to 6th. One child read out the explanation for each as a selection of students brought each memento to the front of the hall.

  • Drama

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We used to always do a teeny little drama from the Alive O 8 -  Two Little Dickie Birds - sounds naff but it was actually quite sweet. It's just a little story with enough speaking parts to split among a large class ...all about being afraid to leave Primary School!

  • Slideshow

Fortunately in our school we're pretty good at taking photos all through the childrens' time in school so when it comes to 6th class we have a great bank of photos to dip into when it comes to putting together a memory slideshow for the graduation. It's lovely for the parents and the children to have a look back and a laugh, and maybe even a cry! And in my case, a great way to cringe at all the hairstyles you've had over the years! #whatwasIthinking?

  • Song

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We generally sang right through the ceremony but the best part, by far, was always the final song. The children generally vote and choose a song - but I tended to have a few for them to chose from to keep it all PC and appropriate! Some of the ones we used over the years included:

  • Something Inside So Strong - Labe Siffre
  • High Hopes - Kodaline
  • Negative Vibes - Damien Dempsey
  • The Climb - Miley Cyrus
  •  Whatever - Oasis
(Looking back, apart from Miley Cyrus, I definitely influenced their song choices, haha!!)

I'm sure there was more, but that's about all I can recall at this stage! 

Have a great week!



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