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By Clara Fiorentini

Monday, 21 May 2018

Summer Term Subbing

So with the end of the school year coming, it can be a busy time in school and a very popular time for getting some subbing experience!

It's something I've been asked about a lot recently so I thought I'd just do a quick little post on it!

Subbing suggestions:

  1. Leave a note for the class teacher.
Sounds obvious, but coming back after being out, especially if it was an unexpected absence, it's nice to know what exactly your class got up to. Let the teacher know what you covered, who was absent, who was helpful and any other messages you have. I have a 'While You Were Out' note template freebie for download on for anyone who might find it useful!

2. Leave the classroom tidy!

This sounds sooo obvious, but you'd be surprised!!!! Make an effort to leave the classroom  tidy. Don't leave work on the children's desks - leave it in a neat pile. Get the children to help you tidy up before hometime. Clean the boards etc. Think of how you'd like to find the room yourself. I once came back to a room resembling a bombsite - toys, paper, twistables everywhere and the added horror of a sink full of unwashed paint palettes!? Not helpful!  

3. Correct the work you do

If you're doing work with the class, it's only sense that you would correct it too. It will be appreciated!

4.  Motivate the pupils

It's not easy going in to a class that isn't your own. The class teacher will have their own routines, rewards and learning incentives etc. However, there's lots of handy ideas for monitoring good behaviour and keeping the pupils motivated to do their best for you. A little incentive like golden time, DEAR time, Arts & Crafts or some PE always work a treat. I love these two ideas from Pinterest. Both would be easily adapted to suit your subbing:

Image result for add a petal for good behaviour  Image result for good behavior for sub ideas  

5.  Come prepared!

My advice is always to try to come with some kind of work prepared - especially if you know what class you're going to be having. Sometimes, teachers prefer if you avoid their workbooks, especially if you're only in for a short spell. Having a little pre-prepared pack of work is always an idea, with some nice lively and interesting activities to keep the pupils engaged. Maybe activities that they just mightn't get to do everyday? Funny poems, creative writing, drawing activities and fun Maths challenges are always a good go-to! Especially if it's a once off. Don't be afraid to ask to do some photocopying etc! A school will love someone who comes prepared!

Just a few ideas - if you're doing those you'll be doing well! Best of luck!

If you're looking for ready made subbing activities, I have a few packs prepared and available to download for the following classes on Mash:

Junior Infant Subbing Supply Pack
Third Class Subbing Supply Pack
Fourth Class Subbing Supply Pack
Fifth Class Subbing Supply Pack
Sixth Class Subbing Supply Pack


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