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By Clara Fiorentini

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Australia Day - Jan 26th

Australia is often a common theme for this time of year. Australia Day falls on January 26th, but it's being observed on January 28th in Australia this year.

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I've compiled a  list of some great, *free* online resources on the theme of Australia.

1. There are some lovely teaching resources on the official Australia Day Website.

2. Early Learning HQ has some nice free Australia printables!

3. Free printable Boomerang Decorating Template from TES.

4. Free Australia Powerpoint from TES

5. Free Aussie History Timeline from TES

6. Printable B&W Australia Map & Flag from TES

7. Free Australia Day Quiz from TPT

8. Free Australian Symbols Flip Book from TPT

9. Free Aboriginal Art Colouring Pages from Brisbane Kids

10. There are some fantastic Australian poems for children online. You'll find loads on The Australian Poetry Library .

11. The Australia Song from Kids Learning Tube has lots of information about the Australian states squeezed into a fun 3.28min song!

Arts & Crafts:

Aboriginal Dot Painting is a lovely art activity - takes focus and concentration but very effective. I love this idea of creating it on stones!
Australian aboriginal art has been around for many years. Aboriginal rock paintings are a fun way and tell the stories of the Autralian continent from Artsy Crafts Mom
Image source: Pinterest

These newspaper and felt Koalas are so effective!
House of Baby Piranha: Koala Newspaper Collage
Image source: Pinterest

Get out the pastels or wax crayons with some black sugar paper to create some Aboriginal style snake art.
My Aboriginal snake drawing was inspired from Australia, where there are Aborigines who live today as they did thousands of years ago.
Image source: Pinterest

Happy teaching!

If you're on Mash, my Australia Resource Pack for 4th-6th class is available to download!

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