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By Clara Fiorentini

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Instagram posts in the classroom

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One of the biggest challenges with the senior classes is maintaining the interest of the pupils in their learning activities. Ensuring variety in the style of response tasks they participate in is essential. 
Why not spark some excitement in their reflective learning by using an Instagram style activity? Social media is such a big part of many young lives now, we may as well tap into what they're familiar with and incorporate it into learning experiences now and again!

An Instagram style post is ideal as it incorporates drawing and writing and encourages the pupils to focus on key words, or what they are on Instagram, 'hashtags'.

Image source: C. Fiorentini - IG Template

How can I use an Instagram template as part of learning activities?

Caption it
Provide the pictures and challenge the pupils to create a caption & hashtags to match!

Photo Prompts
Provide the photo posts to act as creative writing prompts for the pupils.

Post from the Past
Use posts to act as a stimulus for some history. Challenge the pupils to create a post that could have been written by a historical figure. If you're learning about Neil Armstrong then why not create the Instagram post he could have posted from the moon had the social media craze been a thing in the 60s!

Tie it into Geography and encourage the pupils to post about a location or landform they are learning about.

Procedural Post
Practicing procedural writing? Then why not use an Instagram post as another means of detailing the procedure. This would also tie in nicely with detailing a Science experiment.

Get to Know Us
Instagram posts are a lovely way to create a 'Get to Know' the class display. A sketch or a photo of the pupil and let them create their post about themselves and choose some hashtags that describe themselves.

Rapid Report
Report Writing plays a big part in learning in the senior classes and often something a lot of detail and time goes into. Teach the pupils to be selective about their information and write a rapid report using and Instagram post!

Depending on the topic or subject, assessment or comprehension, there are so many opportunities to incorporate a DIY, learning friendly Instagram post!

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