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By Clara Fiorentini

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Strategies to Promote Reading Comprehension

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When using reading as part of lessons, one of the first strategies that should be looked at is  'Reader Purpose'. It is essential that you establish with the pupils what it is they are reading and why they are reading it! The 'what's the point?' factor. Purposeful learning.
When reading with an eye towards comprehension, here are some strategies to incorporate:
1. Practice rereading - if at first you don't succeed, read, read again!
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2. Activate Previous Related Knowledge - encourage the pupils to think about what they may already know about the topic!
3. Think Aloud - I wonder why.... What if the character hadn't done that... I like what the author did here because...  I don't agree with the decision the character made here because... I wouldn't have said that I would have said....
4. Summarise and paraphrase- teach the pupils how recall and how to put what happened into their own words! When summarising, I always encourage pupils to consider characters, setting, problem and solution.
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5. Find the Key Words - scan a paragraph and look for the key words that jump out. If the key words are understood then they can act as a trigger for comprehension and recall of information.
6. Predict - don't over look the power of prediction!
7. Visualise - encourage pupils to see, to imagine, to visualise what the words are painting.
8. Alter their Reading Rate - slow down to allow for greater understanding and interpretation.
9. Connect the text -  practice making connections between text-to-self, text-to-text and text-to-world. The more frequently you do this,  the more you encourage pupils to naturally  make their own connections to texts during reading.
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10. SSQ - Stop reading, summarise, ask a question.

Anchor charts or flashcards to highlight these are always helpful; you can make lovely charts yourself, but why not bring even more purpose to the learning and let the children help create them!


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