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By Clara Fiorentini

Friday, 7 June 2019

End of Year Activities - Junior Classes

I'm delighted so many of you are enjoying the post on end of year activities for the senior classes and in response to the queries for the junior end... here are a few nice activities for the younger classes!

1. Chalk Walk

One of the best things about last year's heatwave was the amount of times I brought the juniors out to the yard with a bucket of chalk. We practised letters, drew around each other, doodled and drew - it was brilliant. 

2. Ice-cream picnic

A lovely treat on a sunny June day - then follow it up with some report or procedural writing! Balance.

3. End of Year Chant

Here's a handy little chant for the end of the year. Add in the current class and future class for a nice rhyme for an end of year assembly or performance! Print it out and use it to create an end of year keepsake with some handprints - a nice little memento to end to year.

4. Student Letters

A little letter to send home with your pupils at the end of the school year is always a nice touch. It's a nice little keepsake for them to remember you by! I have this one available for free download on Mash.

More activities:

  • Print out photographs from during the year of the children; design frames from cardboard or cereal boxes!
  • Plant a keepsake plant - 'Like this little seed, I grew this year!' / 'Look how I've bloomed!'
  • Canvas handprint - I did this with my first ever Juniors! Get a canvas board and take a handprint of each child - pass the board along with the class each year - it'll be a lovely feature for their 6th class graduation ceremony down the line!
  • Photo comparison - then & now! Take photos of the children now and paste them side by side with their first day of school!

Don't forget, TPT is a treasure trove for some really brilliant resources at this time of year, some of which can be grabbed as free downloads. Here are a few lovely ones:

Hang tight, summer is in sight!

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